• Question: Have you seen Gravity? it's making a lot of buzz lately - Anonymous
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    It’s getting a lot of buzz because it is one of the greatest movies made of our generation.

     I saw it yesterday with my almost 11-year-old on an IMAX screen and I could not recommend it higher. it is a simple story told at masterfully as any story has been told in the cinema.  it completely works on every conceivable level.

     it’s a perfect movie to take your older children to because it’s one of those movies that elevates them. my daughter left the theater having had one of those first experiences of seeing a masterpiece and realizing that it was a masterpiece. we talked about it for a long time afterwards 

     and on top of all of that, like the matrix and Jurassic Park, it is a  technological benchmark. there were the way they made movies before gravity and there will be the way movies are made after gravity.

    if they apply this technology to the next Star Wars and the next superhero movies… holy crap.

     and it was nice to find out what Danny Ocean has been up to :-)

    Saw it an Imax sceern. So happy about that, rather than waiting for the dvd. It was terrifying but worth it. Space Sci Fi with no aliens, nothing to fear but the nothingness itself.

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EXCLUSIVE! Man of Steel 2 first look!!

Have they trademarked Bat-poon?

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Wolverine #21 cover by John Byrne. 1990.

This was from the first Wolverine arc I ever read. John Byrne, Klaus Janson, and was one of Archie Goodwins last stories I think.

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Stephen Fry: Open Letter to David Cameron and the IOC


Dear Prime Minister, M Rogge, Lord Coe and Members of the International Olympic Committee,

I write in the earnest hope that all those with a love of sport and the Olympic spirit will consider the stain on the Five Rings that occurred when the 1936 Berlin Olympics proceeded under the exultant…

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haha thanks 2 whoever it was who tweeted this @ me

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Cyclops Is A Little Embarrassed By His Brother Havok

By Joseph Hughes

There’s been much discussion over the last two days about Havok’s now infamous speech in this week’s Uncanny Avengers #5. It was a sore point for many, and we posted our thoughts on it earlier today. A few folks beat us to addressing the issue, however, including Stephanie Lantry, who created this fantastic image. An homage/play on the popular Batman slapping Robin meme, it perfectly sums up the way a lot of people feel about Havok’s speech, while also reminding everyone, once again, that Cyclops was right.


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Come Fly With Me: TWA Terninal by Eero Saarinen-

Saarinen designed the Trans World Airlines terminal at New York’s JFK airport in 1956. The huge vaulted structure was built on site by pouring concrete into elaboarte wooden moulds forming the wing like structure. The terminal took six years to complete. The groundbreaking terminal made a name for TWA setting them apart from other airlines. Unfortunately the terminal became obsolete as more people started to travel by air, it was not able to accomodate them. The terminal recently underwent a $20 million rennovation to bring it back to its former glory. These photos were taken by Ezra Stoller, Balthazar Korab and Charles Eames.

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